And I’ve moved on

Yep I’ve moved on closing the door your not welcome no more

Broken wishes broken dreams misconstrued reality

That’s all your are to me

You turned the page new chapter I’m not into it I thought you had a plane but it was jus you and music ?

Now I’ve moved on Yh me I’ve gone no more dreams of me and u now my dreams are real manageable and achievable

I’m a better person I just wish u didn’t take my love then use it against me but it’s no matter to me as u can see Iv moved on

I see u changed your name to only essence cos there will Only ever be only you now I’m gone to live my life and find my wife X

I never knew till I met you

I never knew how much love could hurt so much till I met you

I never knew I was so close to my dreams till I met you

I never knew how empty life could be till I met you

I never knew how much. Patience I had till I met you

I never thought you would hurt me the way you did or lie to me as you make a big thing out of people telling the truth when you sit there lieing yourself

I never knew how lonely I was till I lost you

now I Hardley sleep at night my mind won’t switch off from your love channel I’m like a phone set to call one number I’m like a radio playing the same song I fall asleep I wake up my first thought ? You I don’t no how long I’ll be like this it’s been a year since I kissed you and 6 months since we spoke I fantasise about calling . U pick up hear my voice and I hear the smile in your voice and this makes me fall in love with u again and as I stand there in a London phone box in the cold night air but the feeling I have is one of warmth I leave the phone box and u call me bk on my phone and we talk .but my reality is I’ll call and u will put the phone down on me like I’m nothing and for that reason I can’t call cos hoping you don’t hate me is better then knowing you do my soul is longing for its soul mate to return til then I can’t rest easy

I never knew I’d still love u this way after all that’s happend and after all this time X


A year on and I still feel the same

It’s been a year now since I’ve seen you in person a whole year it’s been hard missing the person you love the person I thought I’d get married to I still have a bag full of the things you gave me the cards with your writing in words of love u had for me it seems like I was never apart of you I wish I was once more I watch you from afar now still loving u still hoping one day I’ll see you again hoping one day I’ll hold you if that day ever comes that will be the day my sorrow will end and my life can start again


This feeling

This time I’m not going to waste my love this time the love I want will be true this time I will find the love iv been yarning for the love my life has been calling for walking around seeing couples do there thing wondering will I ever feel this way I sit wonder who she will be this feeling of love to wash over me like the sea I can’t wait for this feeling again to smile and hold the hand of my new best friend x

Sitting thinking wondering

It’s Saturday night payday weekend most are out having it large drinking laughing joking center of attention yep that was me happy go lucky the cheeky chappie . Now let’s fast fwd to my reality I’m in my room alone sitting thinking & wondering how much iv changed for the better some would say the old me is not here iv gone away left is the new me the one that’s sensitive and careful not to affend but I’ll easily bend to wot ever trend the humble guy the one that got hurt the one who’s feelings got chucked in the dirt oh yes I’m that guy that fell in love and still waiting to fall out of love I carrie this heavy heart everywhere I go not letting people see how vulnerable I can be but as I sit thinking of u wondering who your talking too or who is texting you making u smile I wonder who gets the texts wow iv just run 12miles who’s sending that text with a kiss and a smile I sit I think I wonder ?

Karma hits

I remember last year saying I can wait not to feel like this … feeling like I was not good enuff and I never was but I really don’t mind now I saw a few things you wrote and by the sounds of things u didn’t look like u was having fun with this at all… One thing I will say is a lot of things makes sense now and hearing u talk of someone else like there who u dream of…
And it’s was this that made me think
Is that how kwik u fall in love I saw your poem it made me sad how you have to beg for the attention you crave from your partner I did this once I walked out on the only person who truly loved me and 10yrs later there’s been enuff girls in that time for me to say yep Hala she did love me only time can tell u. I didn’t mean that much to you I can accept that now and I don’t hate u for it’s wot itis but sometimes we expect to much it we was just happy to have someone to hug u when ur down and tell u ur loved now them things are important
So I guess it’s bk to your list I hope u find it but I can tell u love is not dreamie and perfect it’s anything but..

No point holding on

No point holding on I can see your moving on must say it was a shock to me that you would write love poetry on my birthday is this a subliminal message for me or am I being blind I can’t see what your saying …I hope the he you Speke of is me deep down I no it can’t be you talk asif this is love you have not yet tried the warmth behind your words tells me this love is deeper then mine I hope you find happy I hope you find love for me your love is what I want and what iv lost so il go back to sleep and dream of you me hot days by the sea that’s the dream I’m holding on to that dream is just for me x


It only takes one person

When your in a rut it only takes one person to say hey are you ok and that can mean the world to a person that’s felt rejection from someone they loved or in love with iv been through so much these past year I didn’t no where I was at times but I do now I’m ready to move on my Ex to now is just one of life’s lessons sometimes in life you have to move on and in time you will no who loved you and who never did and one day she will finally get all it will take is for who ever your with todo something your Ex wouldn’t dream of doing and that’s where it starts I’m abit of a closed door now but I perfer it this way iv made a gd friend out of all this and I’ll just see where it goes but I have no expectations I’m just going to move on happy

things that hurt me but I’m addicted to your smile

I try my best and I’m getting better I look at your Facebook and think wow she use to be mine intelligence beauty charisma wit all the things that milt my heart to bits your skin your hips the way you kissed me on all them trips

Trying to stay away is impossible for my heart does it’s own thing I’m just the person it lives in

But one day il look and I will find you all smiles happy getting married moving from Scotland having your first child

I’ll be by the side line happy and sad happy cos you made it sad cos I didn’t and he did so I’ll try and stay away from things that hurt me I jus have to face it

I have to keep away from you