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It’s the end of a bad year

I’d like to say it wasn’t that bad but it was the worst infact I lost love and all my dreams of feeling like I had a other half of me today all I wanted todo was avoid everyone…this time last year I was in control now I’m lost I hope u all have a great new year

Love is like coming home

I watched a programme this morning and they asked what does love mean to you and that line love is like coming home made me cry . Cos for me that’s what love is coming home to the person I love the most getting that kiss that makes me get butter flys that hug that’s makes me want to melt into my chin on your shoulder so I can smell your hair looking into your eyes so I can see into your soul I remember the last time I did this we was at the corner of maryhill road in Glasgow Scotland if I’d knew this was the last time I was going to see you I would never have left . And all the pain and hurt that followed would not be a part of us we could of been so happy so very very happy I don’t no if I’ll ever be that happy again but I knew one thing I was closer to my dream then iv ever been and I thank you I just wish I never woke up so soon I pray for the day I can come bk to Scotland knock on your door and you open it. That’s when I’ll be home that’s when I’ll feel love again X

the story of me and her PT3

I can’t tell you the feeling this women gave me it was like no other she made me feel like I could do anything if I put my mind to it we talked over drinks it was nice just looking at her wow she was stunning really nice eyes before I even spoke to her she sent me a recording of the warter crashing on the rocks of where I now know tobe maidens on the south Coast of Scotland this relationship was very meaningful due to the fact everywhere had a memory attached anyway bk to the story she was sitting oppersit me but the came over and sat next to me we held hands the whole time we left the book club and went on to a lil Chinese restaurant we talked and laughed after that we went to a lil Comedy club our chairs was so close and we was so close you would have thought we’d been together for years through the night I’d lean in for the odd kiss witch she really liked so did I we left the club and went to her place where we listend to deep house and talked of our favourite house producers we sat and kissed and touched eachother things was getting steamie but I soon put an end to that why you ask cos I want more then jus sex I wanted all of her not just a kwik sex thing she was so much more to me then that so I said my good byes and went bk to my hotel with diamond essence texting me the who time I could not believe my luck she was gorgeous single great body no kids makes music good cook homely and most of all she made me feel good about myself and that alone I loved her for I fell for her along time before meeting her the next day I woke up to a text from her asking if I wanted todo breakfast so I said yh I’ll be there soon and I jumped into a cab and made my way ….

Walking away from love

When it hits you
The one and only person who truly loved you is gone…and the only person you walked away from…yep I walked away from love someone who loved me for me and she still does but she married now and we are just friends I have not seen Hala for years like 2008 wow but summer of 2014 I get a call I no the number I say hello and it’s her the person I cheated on I did not think she would ever forgive me it still hurts her I can tell..we had a long chat about my Ex that has left me feeling dead inside and on reflection she may have had a great body and great legs and great eyes god I still lust over my Ex not good and to think when we met I didn’t think she was that hot but I was more into the person all this lust came well after but anyway she was not the person who would love me no matter what where as Susan’s love has limits.and love true love does not have any I learnt a lesson in love again to day the person you push away today cos they don’t fit into your twisted Version of love in to like me you may find that you had what you was looking for you just didn’t no it at the time

Promise Rings and Things

The Writing Latina

I hate to sound like a pessimist but as the year of 2014 comes to an end I cannot help but think of all the promises that were made this year, and were never kept. Promises from friends, best friends, girlfriends, cousins, I could go on forever.

In the beginning of 2014, I was promised the world and barely got a rose; I was promised the moon, but kept wishing on hopeless stars. I was promised the sun, but was kept cold and in the dark. Needless to say, never hold on to a promise from a girl that does not love you. From a girl that looks at you like you are ordinary; from a girl that never acknowledged how much you truly fought for her. You are promising to love her forever, while she and her look so promising together, now.

By mid-April of 2014, I was promised…

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Boxing Day blu

I wake up u on my mind I don’t no how long I’m gonner hurt this time feels like I’ll never see your face again never will I feel your touch again I feel like the person I once knew is now dead all I have left is the loving memories in my head

To my Susan I miss you X


Winter’s Ice

It’s my first Xmas without her and I fell apart more times 2day then ever I wake and she’s the first thing I think about I hope I’m not doing that same next year and I pray your won’t be to x

Just That Gal Next Door

This is the 4th Christmas I’ve spent without being in your arms,

I’m with you,

But not truly with you.

This Christmas is different,

I truly feel alone.

I feel you fading from me.

The brokenness is clear,

You’re gone.

All I’ve ever wanted is you for Christmas.

Only you.

My heart will never be the same,

I slowly feel it growing cold.

The winter’s ice is taking hold,

My love is fading,

for you I am truly aching.

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I called you

I called you to say hi merry Xmas no hard feelings try next time instead.

You say hello?hello? I say hi you who’s that I say me now the phones gone dead

Did she hang up? Or was it my credit does she want me to call or just forget it…

I must be a bore to you the Ex that’s mad the ex from Essex the one you was going marry so you told your dad..

Them days seem like an age away you was a different person and I was jus that guy who came to Scotland to cultivate your love…

Never did I know how cold you can be until you focused all you coldness on me

What you did to me was barbaric and crude you keep this level of anger in the air just so peace and love don’t get

A shear so I romance on the idea of you and me I call you hang up im left
Standing there feeling like a fool

So I’ll thank you for not marrying me cos a life of this shit will bring most men to there knees from all that I’m glad that I’m free


I trusted you

I can’t believe your still at it making
Everyone think I treated you bad

I wish all the guys on your page knew the real you the one that’s fooled the

World cos nobody knows your a manipulative twisted Egotistical

Girl yeh that’s right I said it girl cos you want it
All but don’t want todo the work or

Graft that’s what’s excpected of you in today’s class I see young people everywhere

Getting married buliding there relationships to last I wish you had that

Drive that passion for you and I but you don’t cos your act is a lie

You carry dark energy deep down in side your a bullie a love cheat

I don’t no why you called me 5months I posted your engagement ring through your door witch you got me arrested for trying to bring you love

Instead you set me up and you say you love me? Love is what I gave you I never gave up on you and this is how

Repay me I thought you was a good person thought you was the one when all you was is sad and Lonely il pray for

Cos I hope no one breaks your heart in two like you did to me