Monthly Archives: May 2015

I never knew till I met you

I never knew how much love could hurt so much till I met you

I never knew I was so close to my dreams till I met you

I never knew how empty life could be till I met you

I never knew how much. Patience I had till I met you

I never thought you would hurt me the way you did or lie to me as you make a big thing out of people telling the truth when you sit there lieing yourself

I never knew how lonely I was till I lost you

now I Hardley sleep at night my mind won’t switch off from your love channel I’m like a phone set to call one number I’m like a radio playing the same song I fall asleep I wake up my first thought ? You I don’t no how long I’ll be like this it’s been a year since I kissed you and 6 months since we spoke I fantasise about calling . U pick up hear my voice and I hear the smile in your voice and this makes me fall in love with u again and as I stand there in a London phone box in the cold night air but the feeling I have is one of warmth I leave the phone box and u call me bk on my phone and we talk .but my reality is I’ll call and u will put the phone down on me like I’m nothing and for that reason I can’t call cos hoping you don’t hate me is better then knowing you do my soul is longing for its soul mate to return til then I can’t rest easy

I never knew I’d still love u this way after all that’s happend and after all this time X


A year on and I still feel the same

It’s been a year now since I’ve seen you in person a whole year it’s been hard missing the person you love the person I thought I’d get married to I still have a bag full of the things you gave me the cards with your writing in words of love u had for me it seems like I was never apart of you I wish I was once more I watch you from afar now still loving u still hoping one day I’ll see you again hoping one day I’ll hold you if that day ever comes that will be the day my sorrow will end and my life can start again