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The story of me and her PT2

I think it was the 9th of October 2012 and she posts a pic of a walnut Banana cake that she had baked I looked lovely plus there’s something nice about a women that can bake but clearly this one had many Talents anyway I started a convo about the cake and it went from there we started texting every day texts turned to phone calls and then it was getting to the stage where she thought I’d never come up to see her in Scotland and I could feel she was going cold on the whole idea so I arrange to met some friends in Scotland on the 2nd of November I went out had a great time with some old friends of mine I left my friends and went to my hotel I was so nervous I could not sleep the next day I woke up and rememberd I had left my cloths in my friends car and my friend was sleeping panic mode so I called my bestfriend tony he sorted everything within a hour I had all my things shit I have to meet her at 4pm what’s that my phone msg from diamond Essence meet at a bar called the book club I text back ok babe see you there…and I can’t wait to see you
So I leave the raddison blu Glasgow and jump into the first cab I tell the driver can I go to the book club pls he says ok pal..he goes on to say is that a cockney accent what u doing all the way out here ? So I tell him I’m here on a blind date he laughs so do I out of nerves he pulls up and says this is you pal I give him the money and go to get out he says well where is she then there was a crowd of people in front of the bar so I could not make out where she was for a min but the crowd cleared and there she was the cab driver said you done alright pal and I proceeded to walked toward her she was better looking in person we walked into the bar I was standing there waiting to get served she was standing beside me and our hands met and my soul said there you go I think we have found her who? The one

cor meum

Those late-night conversations are what I miss most. Those baring soul-to-soul exchanges.The way the early morning hours encourage honesty and bravery, that the regular day-time simply does not. How “I love you”, “I want you” and “Fuck you” all seem to glide off the tongue. Effortlessly. Ordinarily.

There’s something sacred about being awake with someone, when sleep has enveloped the rest of the world.
Something undoubtedly more private.

Our eyelids linger, longer with each blink. Sticky. Willing us to keep them shut. But sleeping would mean missing out on this. Missing out on you.
Even though it’s long since been extinguished, we continue to light this toxic, exhausted flame.
Occasionally only, when self-righteousness reaches the end of its thread, and we need a guilt-drenched fix.

Sleep slurs our speech. Hanging heavily on our tongues. A hopeful reminder. That instead of slumber, we choose each other, even if just for…

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The story of me and her PT1

It’s was a day in the studio a friend of played this track in the days I was music hungry and I ask my mate to tell the producer I wanted a dub plate meaning a track with ur name Init any how I got the track and that was that…so I thought a few weeks later the producer added me on Facebook I could not believe it… It’s a women and she’s Alright you no lol she had a mysterious look about her I could not put my finger on it but she was a very attractive women anyway about 2years went past and I was doing my thing as a dj with gigs up and down the country but all that time she kept on sending me music any one I was on Facebook looking about and there she was looking hotter the ever in this black&white dress she had a great body and legs great legs anyway I then thought I’m going to keep an eye on you she wasn’t like any lil girl from the ends so I knew there would be no fast bed chat this was a lady a real lady I use to love reading her posts one Saturday morning I got up with a hangover and went on to Facebook to read some of her up lifting posts that made me want tobe close to her for some reason I didn’t even know her never heard her voice never even spoke that morning the post read just me and my radio on BBC radio2 and a omlit perfect Saturday and as I sat there reading this and looking at the pic of the food she had made and now was prob eating by now and there was me with my mouth that was dry and tasteless and I thought there’s has tobe more to life then this