Sitting thinking wondering

It’s Saturday night payday weekend most are out having it large drinking laughing joking center of attention yep that was me happy go lucky the cheeky chappie . Now let’s fast fwd to my reality I’m in my room alone sitting thinking & wondering how much iv changed for the better some would say the old me is not here iv gone away left is the new me the one that’s sensitive and careful not to affend but I’ll easily bend to wot ever trend the humble guy the one that got hurt the one who’s feelings got chucked in the dirt oh yes I’m that guy that fell in love and still waiting to fall out of love I carrie this heavy heart everywhere I go not letting people see how vulnerable I can be but as I sit thinking of u wondering who your talking too or who is texting you making u smile I wonder who gets the texts wow iv just run 12miles who’s sending that text with a kiss and a smile I sit I think I wonder ?

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