I never knew till I met you

I never knew how much love could hurt so much till I met you

I never knew I was so close to my dreams till I met you

I never knew how empty life could be till I met you

I never knew how much. Patience I had till I met you

I never thought you would hurt me the way you did or lie to me as you make a big thing out of people telling the truth when you sit there lieing yourself

I never knew how lonely I was till I lost you

now I Hardley sleep at night my mind won’t switch off from your love channel I’m like a phone set to call one number I’m like a radio playing the same song I fall asleep I wake up my first thought ? You I don’t no how long I’ll be like this it’s been a year since I kissed you and 6 months since we spoke I fantasise about calling . U pick up hear my voice and I hear the smile in your voice and this makes me fall in love with u again and as I stand there in a London phone box in the cold night air but the feeling I have is one of warmth I leave the phone box and u call me bk on my phone and we talk .but my reality is I’ll call and u will put the phone down on me like I’m nothing and for that reason I can’t call cos hoping you don’t hate me is better then knowing you do my soul is longing for its soul mate to return til then I can’t rest easy

I never knew I’d still love u this way after all that’s happend and after all this time X


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